Parsley is such an amazing herb that can be used in so many recipes to add a punch of flavour and bright green colour. This herb is not only delicious but it is seriously up there with some of the healthiest foods you can be consuming.

This herb is fantastic to help aid bloating as the diuretic properties and rich potassium content help to reduce water retention. As well as this you may notice your waist feeling leaner as a very nutrient-dense herb that is low in calories it helps to boost the metabolism as well as removing excess water in the body which helps to cleanse the liver and kidneys. This gentle detoxification keeps the body functioning at its optimal level which can assist in weight loss and easy weight maintenance. Additionally, due to parsleys rich enzyme and fiber content the herb helps to stimulate bile production and digestive juices to more effectively break down proteins and fats and assist with optimal nutrient assimilation and absorption.

Parsley has traditionally been used in the Mediterranean for bruises, bites, toothaches and general internal and external inflammation. This is because it contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and anti-hepatotoxic which help relieve inflammation and cleanse the liver respectively. Moreover, the herb contains high levels of vitamin C, helping to maintain a clearer complexion and reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes. The vitamin C and beta carotene found in the herb has been shown to be effective against rheumatoid arthritis  and reducing arthritic pain.  If all of this isn’t enough the magical herb also gives the immune system a serious boost due to vitamins K, A, C, niacin and folate which all act on different aspects of the immune system. Its rich green colour means it is packed with chlorophyll, which along with boosting immune function, contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, helping with bad breath, skin infections and cellulitis just to name a few.

Try adding this incredible herb to your next juice, salad, or make it into a salsa verde to put on top of anything and everything

*Storage and prep tips –

When your fresh parsley arrives snip a small bit off the bottom of the stems and make sure the leaves are completely dry. Fill a mason glass jar or any glass jar you have about 1/3 full of water and place the parsley stems down into the jar. Store in the fridge or at room temperature and cover the top of the herbs that are out of the glass jar loosely with a plastic or glad bag. Change the water after a couple of days if it start to discolour, they should last up to 2 weeks this way!

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